Welcome to the world of naturopathic advocacy! As a relatively small profession, we get the opportunity to wear many hats: doctor, advocate, teacher, lobbyist. We advocate for the rights of our profession, but we must also advocate for our future patients who have the right to safe and effective natural therapies and access to quality naturopathic doctors.

Whether or not your state or province is licensed can have huge impacts on your future naturopathic practice. It may have far reaching consequences on what you may or may not do: Can you run labwork? Can you accept insurance? Can you even take a blood pressure? Once you know where you want to practice, taking the time to ask doctors currently practicing there how licensure affects their practice can be extremely valuable. Even if you plan on practicing in an unlicensed state, holding a license can have an incredibly impact on our profession at large.

American Advocacy

Don’t remember how a bill becomes a law?  Watch this blast from the past for a quick refresher

Are you considering practice in an unlicensed state? Watch this video featuring Dr. Allison Becker, Naturopathic Doctor and President of the Wisconsin Naturopathic Physicians Association (WNPA), as she talks about practicing naturopathic medicine in Wisconsin!